ride and dine 6,000' up

Just Enjoying the View

We understand that not all of us are built to fly down the hills on mountain bikes or play disc golf.

We got you covered. Our scenic chair lift rides gives you the opportunity to take in the spectacular panoramic view at 6,000' under our glorious Mt. Shasta. 

Surrounding mountains, dense forests, and sunny summer days,  this makes the perfect place for you to enjoy a day out. Great for the whole family too!

Not only can you take in the views, but we also offer lunch on the mountain! Our Black Diamond Bar & Grill sits at the top of Douglas butte and serves lunch and drinks.

It's not everyday you can go out for a burger on top of a mountain! 

Day Passes

To enjoy our lift rides, we require each person to obtain a day pass at our ticket booth. For prices and more information, click below.

Ticket Prices